Friday, January 09, 2009

Art And Masochism

Masochism is an essential precept for the fine artist, and for the successful person in any field. Those who love work will always defeat the lazy. Those who enjoy challenges are more likely to succeed, and those who love challenges that stretch the mind and body to breaking point are destined to succeed fantastically. Those that enjoy the pain of pushing to and beyond breaking point have greatness in their destiny.

I remember reading that Buddha could be bitten my mosquitoes while meditating and not notice. I suspect that he did notice, and in fact wanted to be bitten by the mosquitoes and wanted to endure the pain to prove that he could conquer it. To concentrate more make yourself less comfortable.

Endurance of discomfort builds willpower and concentration, and willpower and concentration are essential qualities of the fine artist. If painting is easy it relaxes the mind and becomes tiresome for the artist. A tiresome artist paints tiresome paintings for a tiresome public, just as a lazy artist paints lazily for a lazy public. The art of success is art wrought from pain by powerful people who push themselves and appreciated by powerful people who push themselves. A powerful painting is wrought of power.

The early years of any artist are years of struggle and it is during those years that the greatest progress is made. The more an artist struggles the more progress is made. Progress is proportional to the depth of pain and pleasure felt during learning. It is no secret at all that people who push themselves soar to greater heights than those who remain contented, and what is pushing but experimentation, exploration of new terrifying areas, targeting and loving the difficult, and aiming with an insane confidence for the painful and the unknown.

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