Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Neutrality Room And The Everything Room

I've noticed that within in the last six months my room, once calm and emotionally neutral, has begun to develop curious idiosyncratic additions that I've put here and there at whim. To exploit this idea I've developed the architectural concepts of the neutrality room and the everything room. Both are essential. One is calming and stable and the other exciting and tactile.

The Neutrality Room

The neutrality room is designed to supress emotion and relax the senses. The neutrality room is five metres cubed. It is charcoal grey and has no visible furnture. The floor is covered with carpet tiles and the walls are smooth. An alcove opposite the single door is carved into the wall and houses a bed, foot end on. The walls contain hidden cuboid wardrobes and storage spaces. A cubic shelf inside the bed alcove functions as a bedside table. Lighting is dimmable and located around the top edge of the wall all around the room. For extra lighting perfectly square glass panels measuring fifty centimeters are placed on the walls and glow with a 6500K white light. Hidden speakers play pink noise.

The Everything Room

The everything room by comparison is designed to be changed according to mood and to stimulate emotions. The room is designed to reflect the personality and feelings of the occupant. The volume of the room is similar to the neutrality room but large blocks of the same colour as the walls can be placed around and removed from the walls to change the shape of the room. The floor is deep and soft. Brightly coloured lights are present and can be used to change the colour of the floor and walls, which are naturally a light neutral grey. Bean bags can be used for seating and furniture can be constructed to any design desired from blocks. Any object can be added or removed at whim and the room is cleaned but never tidied. Large touch screens on the walls can show any scene or be decorated with light pens as desired by the occupant. Music from hidden speakers can be changed at will. Shelves are full of ornaments of any sort desired. Hidden aerosols can pump in any smell desired. Fans blow warm and cold air at any angle in any intensity.

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