Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yesterday an extraordinary thing happened. At around 11am a hawk swooped down and plucked a blackbird off our back lawn. I've never in my life seen a bird of prey in our suburban neighbourhood, and blackbirds are difficult to catch as our cat will testify. I interpret this as good sign, a sign that opportunities that are normally elusive will be seized.

And today is a day of music. I wrote the theme for a pilot BBCi series on Thursday and started on a new tune for IndieSFX on Friday, and now have three of a planned four finished.

As well as music today I carried home with help from my mother, over a distance of a mile and a quarter a sheet of 12mm M.D.F. measuring 2.4 by 1.2 metres, which I have now sawn into two huge drawing boards. I'll need these for drawing some of my larger paintings. It made me wonder how the Italian renaissance people drew their huge fresco cartoons. I presume that they were drawn on the floor or perhaps tacked to a wall. Perhaps the underdrawing method of painting is simply not suited to very large works...

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