Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Actually I'll create another post for although my eyes are tired and my head aches I've done nothing remotely creative (apart from paint all day which hardly counts). Yesterday I decided to set aside 5% of all of my income for special fund to be spent monthly on good causes, which might include gifts to friends, charitable donations or anything else that could be called giving without return. Philanthropy is the most noble of jobs and the duty of every artist gentleman, so it is high time I started.

In other news I had an idea for an invention today but it requires a small vacuum chamber. I'm thinking that one of those penis pump size-enhancer things would be perfect so I'll have to buy one and joke with the man in the shop that it really is not for me.

My final bit of news is that the underdrawing to "Perfection and Necrophilia" is complete and now transferred to the panel. I will start gold leafing soon. The picture is about the love of art; a "dead thing" and also religious divine love. Fear is conquered by love and so the "necrophilia" in the title refers not to sex but love of death, and he who loves death conquers its fear and he who conquers the fear of death achieves perfection. The painting will hopefully be as interesting to look at as to interpret. I've put more intellectual depth and more mathematics into the planning than for any painting this year. There is a July deadline for the competition so I will begin painting in April.

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