Saturday, April 18, 2009


A slow day. I've been feeling ill and tired for all of it because of my faulty digestive system and it's now the third day when I've felt constant tiredness due to lack of sleep and constant dull pain. It's been said that the most important thing you need as a painter is a good night's sleep and I concur, but also add that a good diet is more important because diet affects sleep and your whole body too.

All I've done today is apply the gold leaf to Perfection and Necrophilia. I've only gilded two other paintings so am still learning, however I now think that gold should be applied as near the start as possible and I have applied this over the imprimatura before underpainting. I needed to apply it twice because to gold wrinkled and made a mess at first, due to rushing, which was in turn due to use of some bad oil size which dried in mere minutes. With luck the gold will be that special spark of imperfection that makes the other parts of the picture perfect. In retrospect, the gilding itself sums up "perfection and necrophilia". It's flaking imperfect deadness but it's pure 24kt gold perfection too. I hope that when I tidy it up tomorrow the results will be good enough. Working with gold is really quite a beautiful thing to do but I've wasted an awful lot of good leaf today.


John Salmon said...

Hi Mark, don't worry I'm still here, just haven't been commenting lately. It's all looking good though. Just a thought re. your tiredness etc. You've been pushing yourself pretty hard lately and I'm worried that maybe overexposure to some of those chemicals you use in your painting may be partially to blame. I don't want to have to come down there and help your mum carry you out on a sheet of MDF. Take it easy.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks John actually that means a lot to me. I'm pretty sure it's my good old IBS. I had a bad time ten years ago and got put on some pills that knackered up my digestive system and I really have to watch what I eat and yesterday I didn't. It's horrible and really knocks the energy out of me for a couple of days and I just can't relax or sleep or anything which is the worst part. I try to keep the solvents etc. in check though. perhaps you're right that I've set myself a busy schedule but I'm just too full of ideas this year and I've never been one to take my time walking when I can run. Don't remind me of that MDF it was really heavy!!!!! :)