Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hormones And The Silkworm

A tiring day of painting. I finished the underpainting to There's A Lot To Be Said For Hormones (study shown) and also the first half size study of Perfection and Necrophilia (which despite being rough took twice as long to paint as the "finished" hormones one; proving how much work P&N will be). I say first study because some of the colours didn't come out right and so I'm considering a second one. That will take a couple of tedious days. I know that the final painting will probably come out better after those two days and "NO lazy masterpieces!" rings in my ears but I'm considering sticking with the study I have and making adjustments on the actual picture instead. The July final deadline rings bells within me.

Some good news today. The Silkworm has made it into the Jobling Gowler Exhibition, the competition I developed the picture for. I'm so pleased about this because I put such a lot of work into it. There are things I would improve if I could paint it again but on the whole the painting matched my original idea satisfactorily. The exhibition opens in July, so some time yet, but it runs for several months after that. Jobling Gowler is a legal firm that has offices spacious enough to exhibit art and the owners are art enthusiasts. This first competition, which they will make bi-annual, is a welcome event.

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