Friday, April 17, 2009

The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson 3

The first day of glazing this painting today (detail shown, prior to glazing). I've tilted it on its side so that you can more easily see that it's the self-same Anna Q. Nilsson portrait but as a landscape.

The picture is unusual for me partly because I made up many of the elements in one session during the drawing phase so the ray and (inverted) heart hole were added spontaneously. I have painted a lot of hearts in my pictures but I've noticed that recently, within the last 3 months I've been painting inverted heart shapes instead which I find fascinating. The new shape is more sexual because it's a bit like the head of a penis, points up and is also more positive I think. I interpret this as love is on the up. There is plenty of interesting negativity in my paintings, and as a consequence of a lag-time of many months that will continue, but as my outlook becomes increasingly positive I'm noticing small changes like that inverted heart creep into the output from my subconscious.

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