Monday, April 27, 2009

Meccano Dream

I dream of an unexploded bomb in the attic of a large house. The people were French and the house was similar to the one my grandparents lived in when I was young. The bomb was a small brass device about the size of a hand grenade. We all agreed that the best solution was to build a large fence-like structure around it from Meccano, drill four holes in the ceiling at the four corners, and then explode it. It would then destroy the ceiling in a perfect square, fall through to the upper room, then the lower floor, and effectively control the explosion; but at the same time be generally very dangerous throwing metal shrapnel all over the attic. At one point I suggested that we should have used less dangerous Lego instead, it being plastic. I became less keen about the whole idea which seemed increasingly dangerous and over reactionary, and I became concerned at the blinkered commitment by the others to proceed with the plan.

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