Monday, April 20, 2009

Nantwich, Miro and Perfection.

The panel has been re-primed and the drawing re-traced for Perfection and Necrophilia. The imprimatura medium had turned solid in the bottle (so thanks go to Winsor and Newton for another, and the last ever, Liquin crystal; that's the last time I buy any of that stuff).

But ho! Today was a good day.


Three of my paintings are from today on display in Nantwich Museum. The Starving Scarecrow, Execution of King Charles I and 31st Century Crucifixion are on display until June 20th. Most of my art group, Art Support, are showing a few paintings so it's well worth a visit.

And second!

I've finally added more (finished?) a picture called "Desperately Looking for Miro" which I've been painting for about a year now. It was always going to be nothing like my other pictures because it required mix of carefulness and also spontaneity. I'm still not sure what I think but I do keep staring at it intensely while I make up my mind, so it can't be all bad.


Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Mark
Congratulations on your exhib.
I am sure you will have much success.
Sorry for not calling for a while.
I do enjoy your work very much and your commentary is always interesting too.

Mark Sheeky said...

I do try to be interesting. I messed up a picture today and feel angry and sad and tearful and hopeful and pensive and everything at once. Your comment cheered me up, so thank you Trevor.