Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Psychoanalysis For Dummies

All Wednesdays are quite stressful for me. First, Art Support, and I didn't do much there today just a simple colour study (effectively a tonal one) for a picture called The Lightning Of Creation. My friend there the retired art teacher Ray Perez told me about his life and how he got into teaching art, which was very interesting too. After my art group, I bought some wood for framing which B&Q did have in stock, and it was all in good condition which is great.

Then a comment on my earlier Parents And Criticism posting made me re-read it with some shock. Christine was the first to point out to me that I point to and show off the negative aspects of my personality; effectively putting myself down and I was actually rather amazed to discover that truth because I'd noticed it in others and, like her at me, I became annoyed at them. I used to do it much more often than now, yet even now I have negative days and each one is making me angry in a way that it didn't before. Sometimes I'm even inventing weaknesses that aren't there. Curious. Why do it?

My best guess now is that this is a transient thing that will last a few months. My surreal pictures are growing more positive, and the remaining traps and insecurities that have been with me for years are falling away. Too much self analysis would probably not help so I'll ignore the past and even my present as much as possible while being careful and confident enough to remain committed to exposing my personality.

Well that's enough psychoanalysis for today; and what a happy sunny one. I must blog more about art in future! Next; framing.

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