Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chester And Quantum Theology

The Chester opening last night was too much, too crowded to socialise or even see the paintings. The exhibition though was excellent; perhaps the best I've seen in a couple of years because the judges are genuine art experts that give time to each piece, reward imagination, and select a real mix of paintings.

Yesterday and the day before I did the underpainting to a small allegorical paintings called The Hanging Of Judas Iscariot. My pictures often include Christian elements. Even at my most atheist I respect religion for the good that I think it, on balance, does to society. Belief in even a fictitious higher power is good for mental health, better than nihilism anyway. My beliefs are unique in that I believe in gods and no gods at the exact same time according to the quantum rules of mathematical matrix mechanics. I'd like to write more about quantum theology and the definitely uncertain impact of consciousness on the future and past.

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