Sunday, May 03, 2009


Last night, a dream of many scenes. I was wearing cobalt blue high heels and gliding around a huge Marks and Spencers shop on them as though they were ice skates. I met Ken Dodd there, he was performing ramp tricks on a skateboard and I did the same tricks on my high heels. In another scene I saw a version of my painting of Claire Luce on a back wall of a television scene, but an alternative high quality painting. At first I thought that I might get in trouble for using the image, but then concluded that it was more likely that the original photo was out of copyright allowing both me and that other artist to use it. A tiny reproduction was in a near empty Meccano box. My brother and I were investigating a few Meccano boxes, although most contained only a few parts. We found up to eight quite old rechargeable batteries in there, four AA and some AAA. I wondered if they had any power left or if they needed recharging. I was interviewing Liza Minnelli and she was flirting a lot and talked of her relationship with Noel Gallagher. I made a comment about his children but she said with a laugh that he hadn't given her any and then Noel appeared and they had energetic sex in front of me.

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