Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Hanging Of Judas Iscariot 2

Clouds, mountains, sea waves, cloth folds, trees, plants, all natural forms have a formula that once learned makes good approximations of those reproducible from the imagination. The formula for cumulo nimbus clouds is easy, they are spheres on spheres, smaller on larger and so on and so on down to infinity. Today I did my first mountains with as much ease.

The hormones painting is now finished and drying. Today I did the first of two days work on another small one I've shown on here before, The Hanging Of Judas Iscariot. Both pictures are 254x356mm which is my favourite size. It's big enough for a masterpiece but small enough for painting to be fun and not a chore. I've got about four others of that size planned and drawn out, three others of medium (about twice that), and three really big ones. Every time the size doubles the work seems to quadruple. I need more pictures! More! I'm full of ideas but the planning takes so much time that I seem to be rushed every day. There's time enough for new paintings later.

My solo exhibition needs setting up and opening this week. On Friday I begin the main glazing layer of Perfection And Necroamoria. A painting that I want more time for, but it should be good enough to enter into the competition and worth the (actually quite considerable) train fare to drop it off in July.

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