Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday Romance Dream

A long dream last night. It began with a Formula 1 racing crash, seen in slow motion. In the first few moments the driver's helmet shot off then a few seconds later the car spins and hits a telephone pole. The driver's head is repeatedly bashed against it causing serious injuries. In the hospital his head is bandaged. His mental health has been damaged as a result of the crash and says that he wants to kill his wife, the doctors his words off as a joke. A woman is there who blames money for his accident. She throws large amounts of U.S. dollars from the window of the hospital room into the car park below. I am there too and decide to leave. At the bottom of the stairs in the hospital lie large stacks of money. I pick up lots of hundreds, thousands and even piles of ten thousands. There are piles of millions too, but they are printed glossy leaflets that represent the chance to win a million dollars instead of having them, so I reject them. I go into the car park. The money is now in stacks but most of it consists of leaflets again, chances to win. I am conscious of two guards looking at me from a distant booth. I pick up one stack of hundreds and one of thousands. The guards smile and giggle to themselves at my actions but I feel superior because I know that I already have enough money in my pockets. I see a blue coach driving away and the side opens revealing the passengers. A woman with short blonde hair inside asks if I'm going with them. I decided I will, I run along side and I am pulled in by her. I sit next to her and put on a seat belt, there is some conversation with her about which hole to clip mine into. During the journey we get romantic on the coach with kisses and hugs, and lovely eye contact. I know that it will only be a short holiday romance. The woman and her female friend are both secretaries. The blonde woman shares my seat and sits in my lap with my arms around her waist. I see her friend testing my D.N.A. in a small kit and I because suspicious at why. It reveals I used to have black hair; my hair in the dream was grey. I said that she could have asked me that and didn't need to sneakily sample me. We approach our hotel destination and a joke was made by the blonde woman at the quality of the accommodation. I pointed to a nearby empty shop said as a joke that we should rent an empty shop and sleep in the window instead. For some reason the front of the coach had to be visited and the woman decided to go. The coach suddenly became a steam engine with convoluted dark passages and dangerous climbs. She made it to the front of the train to speak to the unsympathetic driver but on the way back faced a very difficult vertical climb up blackened iron obstacles to get back. I awoke at that point.

As in many dreams, there are elements in this dream from my experience of earlier days and in conversations I had last night before. On the whole the feeling was positive and enjoyable and I feel that some of the soul searching and recent chaos is over. It definitely seems that all things go through periods of stability and periods of chaos; economies, civilisations, atoms, our bodies, and our lives.

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