Sunday, May 17, 2009

Iterations Of Isolation 2

Iterations Of Isolation is now underpainted. I came up with this idea about six months ago and it's one of my largest paintings to date. Over the past few days my thoughts and feelings, and concerns, and insecurities, and smiles, and nightly dreams have been dwelling on a friend who occupies a unique and special place in my heart and life. I also feel under pressure about arranging my art exhibition next month. I feel that, as in this painting, I'm making everything seem gigantic and of huge importance when it isn't.


John Salmon said...

Looking good Mark. Like the gradations, values, shapes partcularly the inverted heart top right corner. I also like the monchromacity (made up word?) of it at this stage.

John Salmon said...

Whoops, heart isn't inverted. But I like the liquidity in that general area.

Mark Sheeky said...

It does look rather soft and drippy which is a nice effect, and easy on a big painting with big brushes but gets harder as more detail is added. Strange how the figure in the middle (hey that's me) took as long to paint as the giant monolith that surrounds it!