Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Perfection 5

A frustrating and tiring day painting green leaves and vines. I only managed to paint a little but spent all day on it and the results are average. I wrote a song while painting too, only to discover that I coped the tune from another by accident. Last night though, I came up for an idea for communication device to assist with relationship problems! I've ordered some components to build it. Desiging a sculpture is one thing, but combinine art with technology and you enter the domain of product design. When buying some of the components I spotted a type of plastic called Polymorph which is apparently like plasticine when warmed up with boiling water but sets solid at room temperatures. That sounds brilliant.


John Salmon said...

Hi Mark, looking good so far. Intrigued with your ideas for devices. Your not thinking of re-inventing the megaphone are you? What happened with the idea where you needed a "member" enlarging vacuum pump? Did you follow that one up? Regarding the polymorph plastic material, that does sound like it could be a very useful material to have around. Gonna look that one up. Hope you are keeping on top of things.

Mark Sheeky said...

I can't wait to try that plastic. But I do need to get desiging. Hopefully it will be easier to model with than a latex mould and plaster of paris, and good for all sorts of surreal object scuplting. I wonder if you can mix pigment into it and paint with it...!

The vacuum tube was for an idea involving liquid plastic but I decided it wasn't worth the expenditure... well not yet at least.