Monday, May 25, 2009

The Tumour

Today was a light day before starting painting on a big picture tomorrow. I hesitate to paint such a big and arduous work because I'm very tired and actually worried that I might be ill with fatigue because I seem to be feeling weak and like sleeping all day. I've just booked the delivery van for my exhibition so all that is planned now and I can relax.

However another thing I've been doing is working on my novel. I am now convinced that the best way to write is to first come up with a rough synopsis, then add another "layer" by re-writing what happens in each chapter, then another by re-writing each chapter again as a series of statements about what happens in more detail, and so on. This means the whole novel can be written not from start to finish but from any point, each bit refined at any spare moment.

It's untitled so far but I'll call it The Tumour for now. I'm currently working on Chapter 4 which is very philosophical and have made a re-enforcement of my knowledge about the nature of knowledge and the universe; that, multi-dimensional and extant as the universe is it is uncertain too; in the past, future and in fundamental knowledge, including mathematics. Quantum mechanics is everywhere large and small, in philosophy, and in knowledge and every daily experience.

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