Monday, June 22, 2009


Real progress was made on my music yesterday with four minutes sequenced. I decided at the last minute to rewrite the theme though so I'll have to go back and rewrite large sections.

Today I had a nice time seeing a friend who kindly helped me collect my paintings from Nantwich Museum. Her mandala artwork was inspirational. At three o'clock I felt tired, so tired I fell asleep and just about stayed tired all of the rest of the day up until now so I've done nothing creative, but the first half of the day was crammed full. I did manage to write a poem though about my tiredness.

It's true to say,
that I'm so sleepy.
I am awake,
but tired and weepy.

I seem to feel,
so old inside.
I can't explain,
but something died.

I'm not sad though,
more seeming lazy.
I'm thick and slow
and going crazy.

A rest tonight,
a new day for me.
Let sleep and food
and love restore me.

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