Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I awoke with a nightmare. I'd been playing a fruit machine and winning. For some reason the coins became liquid, water or milk spewing from the machine. I played with 10p and 50p coins although even those seemed to be half coin and half water. My brother appeared and I greeted him warmly, telling him to have a go. I left him to play the machine but I sensed he wouldn't be as lucky as me. Then the action cut to an airport in a country at war and a BBC news correspondent who looked like the actor who played the Curious Orange in Fist of Fun. He was interviewing a general or some official, fighting was taking place in the distance. While the camera was on the interviewee there was ping and gurgle noise. The reporter had been shot live on television. The camera man focused on the correspondent whose neck was torn open blood pouring from the wound. People rushed to help him as he collapsed to the ground, covered in blood and grasping his neck in an attempt to stem the flow. He died, then I awoke.

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