Sunday, July 19, 2009


Tasks for the future;

1. Poems. I want to make a book of poems with someone but we're getting a bit stuck due to lack of direction. This must be fixed.
2. Framing. Two stained today.
3. The novel. I'd like to write a novel quite quickly in a sort of subconscious ramble way but I think I need more reading experience. Painting will get in the way until October... I think... but even if I just write a page oer chapter, it's better to get this story/idea down than let it go unread for all time.
4. Paintings; Two big ones to start, The Apocalypse Of Finance and Christ In The Garden of Gethsemane. I've got about 4 small ones too, and about 6 in progress that aren't that big. These are for the next few weeks.
5. Plans for a new set of oracle cards that use surrealist neurosymbolic programming and my other ideas. I'll need to finalise a sort of therapy that goes with them. It might even be possible to have subsets of the pack for different needs and occasions; from phobias to confidence building. This is for next year.
6. The Music Box. I've not written much new music since the painting season started but have done a little bit. I want to do this in 2009 if not release it.
7. Flatspace iPhone will be out later too so I'll have to help with that one.

That will do for now I think. Of course that list excludes promotion of each thing competitions, etc. etc. etc. Tick tick tick!

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