Thursday, November 26, 2009

Art Liberating Lives

I've just heard that my painting has made it into the exhibition for Art Liberating Lives, the event organised by the Sue Ryder charity. The picture is called The Death By Explosion Of Moons and Keyholes.

The event is quite short, running from December the 16th to the 20th (Wed to Sun) and is held in the Mall Galleries, close to Trafalgar Square London. I'm especially pleased with my painting and I'm sure it will sell. I already think I should have set a higher price.

Today I've been working on something similar because like 'Moons' it includes moons, and possibly plaster and gemstones too. Even as a plain painting this picture will be a great masterpiece. I can clearly visualise the frame which needs to be polished black stone of the sort that black gravestones are made. However I must be careful not to leap ahead. There are many technical challenges ahead and it's one of many paintings I'm planning at the moment.

Speaking of black gravestones however I can announce the death of Rene Descartes, or rather his painting. I had struggled with an idea about a painting that was about his philosophy, and although there were sone new visual ideas, and some beauty and technical complexity worthy of showing off, it felt empty.

Let us go onward!

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