Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drawing A Mess

Today I reaffirmed that I can draw! This afternoon I completely realised a new idea, assembled the objects to copy and drew them in a short three or four hours. The picture is called Happy Butterflies, and so includes many of the flying creatures. I seem to be rather butterflyish of late. I'm not sure why.

Drawing is easy. Very easy. But it's amazing how many artists don't think they can draw. So, if you are such an artist here is why drawing is easy.

1. Drawing accurately is simply a matter of "spot the difference" between what you've drawn and the thing you are copying.
2. It doesn't have to be perfect. Accept that and a drawing will come out better than a strained attempt to make it perfect.
3. Finally the ultimate clause; every line you make is an expression of your personality. To draw 100% accurately is to kill that self-expression and so is not desirable. This rule makes it impossible to draw "badly". This rule is not an excuse to not learn how to draw, though. This skill of all skills, is valuable for creative reasons.

Most drawing (and painting!) is having the confidence to try. It seems that many amateur painters are too afraid to even sign their name for fear of making a mess! If you are one such artist then read and accept rule three and sign. No matter what happens it will be your mess. What is a signature but that?

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