Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, this month and next seem like some sort of peak of the exhibition season with lots of pick-up and drop off dates to open exhibitions and competitions. It's getting a bit too much and I'm a little depressed today having not done any actual work since Tuesday, and with tomorrow one free day before another drop-off on Sunday, by and with my friend the artist Jean Briers for The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open.

I did learn today that rules and submission requirements should be checked very thoroughly. I failed to put mirror plates on two paintings submitted for The Three Counties Open. That fact rather astonished me because I delivered the paintings with some others by a friend and I pointed out that one of hers lacked mirror plates. I also pointed out that one of mine had the plates the wrong way round, and thirdly I attach mirror plates to every painting when I make the frame whether I use them or not, so in this case I must have at some point deliberately removed them before submitting them!

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Kathy said...

I can sense your frustration! It'll all be over soon and, hopefully, you'll be able to engage in what makes you happiest. Hang in there!