Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Infinite Forest

Music! I cry. This has been a month of mixed emotions but good productivity. Over the past few days I've been finishing a new album of music, The Infinite Forest. The work stems from a music commission from last year for a suite of tunes. Those were rather short and all looping. I've expanded and edited the music into a full album. It is sequenced and produced on computer as usual but for the first time the instruments are all orchestral, and it has a feel like the sort of music that Nintendo include in their epic games. The story is of a quest for love. Here is a prospective track listing.

1. The Knight
2. Vision Of The Angel
3. Dark Forces
4. Lost Friends
5. March Of The Iron Animals
6. Orb Of Prophecy
7. Waltz Of The Forest
8. The Photograph
9. The Talking Butterflies
10. The Iron Graveyard
11. Victory
12. The Angel

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