Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After a stressful weekend of travelling it took all of yesterday to settle back down. Last night I had many fantastic dreams including one where I was tiger hunting. The monster was frightening and my rifle seemed puny. I shot it in the head but it continued to come towards me. In the end it put it's head right into the barrel before I let off the seventh and final shot to kill it.

I started to write up my surreal novel on Sunday night but will need encouragement from friends to get it written I think. I'm re-obsessed with paintings and have lots of new ideas, some of great size and ambition. The latest to be drawn out today included six moons of varying size. Drawing the same craters again and again was a good exercise in itself!

I made clay models of the principle protagonist yesterday and thought about the sculptures seen in the all media exhibition in Birmingham. I make lots of models like this. Perhaps it's time to enter some into exhibitions along with my paintings.

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