Monday, December 14, 2009

Here It Comes

Now a new poem. I wrote this on Saturday night while watching a South Bank Show about (the brilliant) Carol Ann Duffy. I wrote one about failure and one about success, this is the latter. I wrote it all in one go, which is how I generally write, then made a few small edits. Here there were two; first "micro suns" in the second to last line was originally "tiny suns" because the image was of very tiny suns, like specks of pollen, and the last line was originally "here it comes" but I felt that a near-repetition would be better than a full one. I did consider removing the "As" before over frosted fields but felt that I'd stick with my original train of thought.

Here It Comes

Here it comes,
like the sun.
Vaporous gold rays.
Phantoms of day's holy light.
Bright as love,
success and warmth.
Pulsing and flowing forms
into my chest, my flesh.

Here it comes
my lad.
Approaching from an unexpected place.
Racing atomic horses
of happiness, long awaited.
As over frosted fields
the thaw makes tears in the grass.
Fast as joy it runs,
like a billion micro suns,
it comes.

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