Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now Love Has Come

It's the end of a year so I've been updating my website with all of the song lyrics and poems I've written throughout 2009. Poetically it's not been a great year in terms of quality, and many are short or fragments, but I've written a lot. Many of the best haven't been published on the website, but there are some good ones in there all the same.

Among them are some anti-arachnophobic poems which were part of a multimedia project to cure phobias. A series of paintings with the same aim was planned but I became distracted with other ideas.

To celebrate their escape I'll premiere a joyous poem right here! It's called Now Love Has Come.

For years I had waited
through fog for the sun,
shed tears at my autumn,
but now love has come.
Long nights I imagined
the dawn others see.
Now right at my winter
the sun comes for me.

No cares for tomorrow
on this great today.
My grey hairs are singing
as though yesterday.
My old eyes are lit up
with new dreams begun.
For years I felt nothing,
but now love has come.

Let bells ring the morning
to cheer the race won!
Let crimson skies dawning
inspire everyone.
Let comet trails rocket
in joy at the sun!
For years I had waited,
but now love has come.


Kathy said...

Wonderful! I can connect with this one, Mark.

PAMO said...

Mark- I read this a couple of days ago- but didn't have time to comment. I just find it so real and positive. Seems like you were in a relaxed place when you wrote it- as if you had come through a place of pain and were in the after. Nice.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you both. Yes PAMO it was real. I changed the emphasis a little but I think the feeling has to be real to create something that connects. Glad that you liked it.