Thursday, January 07, 2010


In the morning I made a large aluminium carrier for my paintings for the submission to Trafford. It's a simple array of square tubes with bolts and wingnuts, to make it easy to sandwich one or more paintings together and provide a handle.

It's been ice cold and miserable here so purged this with today's simple poem. I've managed to write one each day this year so far (an easy statement to make on the 7th of January!) but have chosen not to publish many of them. The last three have all been about winter or snow in some way! I've spent some time in bed fully clothed to stay warm this afternoon, but now it's time to act once more. Such rest periods are good for creativity. Here's to winter siestas!


There once was a blackbird on a distant hill
and all around him air was still.
On a pinnacle of rock, black on blue,
his song was as clear as a winter's view.

From dawn he sang in the frozen air,
waiting for his brown mate fair.
His voice created paradise
in bleak grey razor rocks of ice.

The snowbound leaves he turned with feet
searching for some food to eat.
The piercing core of ice inside
became a diamond when he died.


Kathy said...

Nice carrier construction! And, your poem is beautiful in content and rhythm. We're having a cold spell here in New York as well - brutally cold and windy. Luckily, my studio is two floors up where the warm air rises to. Stay warm!!

-Don said...

Cool idea. Great poem. My wife and I have been watching the cold weather descend on the rest of the world. Now it's affecting us. Our high today is only going to be around 58 (Fahrenheit). ;-)


Kay said...

We've got more pigeons than blackbirds in our garden at the moment, but sadly no diomands. Nice to see this poem. Good luck with your painting, getting stuff ready for exhibition submissions is such hard work. Thanks for your suggestion about the 'follow' thing on my blog by the way, I'll have to get round to it. Best wishes.

PAMO said...

Oh Mark- I'm in one of those phases where the tears are right on the surface and your blasted poem has threatened to release the dam! It's beautiful and so sad.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you everyone, especially Pam. We've got a couple of doves who like to fly around in the snow. I think my poems are improving! I'd like to get back to new music at some point. I think that in some ways, poetry, painting and music are the same and translate the same thing, viewed from a different angle. It's all a matter of finding the time!!!

The weather is frosty but I'm sure my room is warmer now at night than it was in the day! Anyway I'm staying in for a few days. The snow makes the light for painting better, don't you find?

hwfarber said...

A sad but beautiful poem.

I believe it was Georg Eliot who said if you can only do one thing, you're a bit like a carrier pigeon.

Stay warm.