Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A mix of things today but generally it was a day of rest and social activities, as my Wednesdays usually are. For me the weekend is Wednesday and Friday is my Monday. I'm continuing to write a poem each night, and find that 10:30pm is the perfect time for this. I'll post last night's poem.

Voyage West

Sea breezes
flow over wet skin.
Cold and thin.
The breath of Boreas.

Above, the sail thick
booms in the gust.
West we sail.
Sail we must.

A bright orange sun stings our eyes
as we stare to where our new day lies,
to forests and plains.
Hot rains.
Gold wrought by savage tribes,
cast out from Eden
to a different paradise.

The lookout cries.
A finger to the skies.
Ropes snap taught.
Clouds part,
as the moon in silver gleam shines down.
A screech from above,
and all hear the sound.
A glint on the horizon leaps.
Land is found.


Kathy said...

Oh ... this tugs at my heartstrings! I lived aboard a sailboat for two years and traveled. You really nailed it! Thanks, Mark.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mark. Really beautiful.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you both. I hope I can keep this up for a year. My rule of aiming for 20 lines per poem has definitely helped.