Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flower Of Awe

Another recently scanned painting, Flower Of Awe.

I've been very busy over the past couple of days; yesterday drawing out The Quest For Pity On The Road To Self Destruction. It promises to be my largest painting to date and will take some time. Today was spent at my art group and I began to transfer the drawing to the Annunciation painting I started a few weeks ago. The picture is rather small and I'm thankful for that. I've seen at least two new competitions that I'd like to design pictures for. I must begin painting soon, I'm really feeling the urge to get started.

Tomorrow is a free day but I'm off to Macclesfield in the evening, to the offices of Jobling Gowler where I have some paintings displayed. Friday will be a day of rest before a week of work.


Kathy said...

A beautiful rendering! How large is your other painting? I never thought to ask you about scale.

PAMO said...

Beautiful Mark. Have you written a poem to go with her yet?

hwfarber said...

A beautiful painting with a short title!

-Don said...

Nicely done, Mark. I like the subtle color palette. The ominous clouds in the lower right are a nice touch. They create a bit of tension that really makes the piece for me.


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Kathy the other painting is what I'd call medium, 64x40cm. This one is about 30cm (a foot) tall. Not too big when you see it because of the oval shape (I painted it for an old brass frame).

Good question Pam! Yes! I had forgotten but I've looked up that I did write one in January. I think I'll post it.

I added the clouds partly because I wanted to add some brown. I like a raw umber/ultramarine colour scheme. Originally the picture was very much an eye, so faded in greys but that was a bit boring and in tests the fade often looked too stark so I had to be more subtle. The whole picture wasn't too much work and it is true to the idea so I'm reasonably pleased with it.