Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plant Reaching For A Black Moon

Two pictures completed today, although the one shown might benefit from another layer to darken the sky. The colours are very subtle, but night is subtle and it has gone according to plan. I remember reading that people shouldn't use ultramarine violet unless they like layering forever. I like disobeying recommendations so much that I use that violet more than any other!

Now I've got enough time to write a poem and reframe "Coma"! First I'll do some blog wandering for 26 minutes.


Kathy said...

Very cooool painting! It would be great if you could post larger images for us to study. Your work is remarkable and deserves a more prominent display. When I "click" on the image it pops up the same size as your post. Too small to examine, which is frustrating since I love your work!

Anonymous said...

I agree- larger images please! Any significance to the "26 minutes"? Do you really parse out every minute of every day just so? Could explain how you accomplish so much. Opps- sorry- my comment time is up. : )))

The Artist Within Us said...

Greetings Mark,

Well rules are meant to be challenged, not necessarily broken, in order to see what we can get away with. Lucky you.

Warmest regareds,

Mark Sheeky said...

I avoid putting large images online because anything over 600 pixels is easy to print in good quality, however you make a good point and this photo isn't good enough to worry about. I'll post a bigger one in my next post. Even with really good pictures the tiny details in my pictures are hardly visible in the on-screen versions compared to real life.

Pam - 26 minutes? Yes! It was 7:34. I don't normally time my blogging - but often do for proper jobs. When you have a deadline and a fixed task to do, it gets done. Yesterday I had to cycle 4 frosty miles and arrive at 8:45 so I needed time to pack. No rest for the wicked - true words Don!

Thanks for the encouragement Egmont.