Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pricing Finalised

My pricing formula is now complete. After tests I got rid of the constant because it evened out things too much, making the quick and small artworks expensive and the large and time consuming ones cheaper. A flat rate per days work plus cost of materials is I think the fairest way, with a slight adjustments for awards. I'll fix these for a year and monitor sales over 2010. The prices for the most part match my previous ones and in many cases average at the prices I've sold works for in the past. A simple formula equally applied to all works makes things fairer for collectors and easier for the artist. The important thing is to make your art worth a high price. And so I will.

I stained and cut the glass and spacers for seven frames today, including one for an awkward oval brass frame. The start of a month means new monthly goals and mine seem to be mostly planning paintings. Last month I thought February would be about new websites and music, but it seems that my painting ambitions are too great even for my own plans! I'm sure I can fit some other tasks in. The exhibition at the Cubby Hole in March will need planning. Not long to go, and I need to work out the layout, organise publicity, print invitations and work out the transport and fitting parts.


Kathy said...

It seems that you've arrived at a reasonable solution for your pricing concerns. I hope that your thoughtful approach meets with success!

Four Seasons in a Life said...


I agree with Katharine but will also add that I have contemplated a fair price equation being by the square inch so that a small painting can have the same value as a 48x60 canvas.

Warmest regards,

Teresa said...

Pricing is not my favorite thing to contend with. So many variables to consider!

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Egmont; I also know artists who price by size but I've spent 20 days working on tiny paintings and 20 days working on really big ones... so I think pricing per days work would be fairer.