Monday, February 22, 2010


I've scanned in two more paintings of the year, including The Transmittance Of Pity Falsely Perceived As Love Through A One-Way Mirror, shown.

Today I've started work on a huge picture and have been drawing on an easel for the first time. So far I conclude that it's much easier to draw flat because strokes can have an even pressure and move in all directions equally, but when vertical, down strokes are less work and up strokes more work. Anyway, it's essential I draw vertically for the really big pictures. It's either that or walk around on them as I draw, which could get messy. The picture I started is The Quest For Pity On The Road To Self Destruction, and is a relation of the above. It will be on canvas, and is a relatively simple "monolith" composition, not unlike Penalties.

Last night I had complex dreams, that ended in a dead Rolf Harris (who was part of an ultra nationalist anarchist group who dressed in Morris Dancer outfits). The death was disturbing because the T.V. artist represents my artist self in my dreams. My weekend duties were social and not artistic, and my hard drive failure set me back several days this month too so I'm feeling slightly off the art track. I'll get back soon enough. My confidence in drawing is as good as ever. I will need to paint something soon.


Kathy said...

Your painting and its title are truly wonderful in every sense. The meaning, symbolism, execution, palette transcend this world and bring us into yours. I continue to marvel at your ability to do this type of work!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Mark,

Sorry to learn of your hard drive failure. For me it is my laptops hinges effecting the screen and since it was repaired 13 months ago with a warranty of one year, I cannot afford to repair nor purchase a new Mac. So my online time is severely cut. On the other hand, I managed to finish a painting, with an eye on starting a new one.

Though your time too has been disrupted, I feel there are reasons for everything.

Wishing you all the best,

-Don said...

It's nice seeing Transmittance as a whole. I remember marveling at the individual pieces as you revealed them in the creative process. Great job.