Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cat Lost In The Grass

I've finished the grass cat today, a painting I made for Art For Shelter Animals after the cause was highlighted on Sheila Tajima's blog.

I'm not totally happy with it, but am reasonably so. While painting, I found myself uncomfortably struggling with the artistic emptiness of the idea. At times it looks like a clever and pretty picture, which on their own are terrible words to be applied to an artwork! The eyes though looked rather sad, and the fact that the animal is a rescue cat made me think that it was lost, and visually it does looks like it's hiding in the grass. The title became Cat Lost In The Grass, and I added a crucial pathway into the landscape, a path, like any other, that shows a journey from there to here.

The painting is 20x24cm (about 8x10 inches). The bee in the photo is about the size of a grain of rice. As it dries I'll make the frame which will be uniquely decorated. Once touch dry I'll scan it and submit it to the project. The picture above is a close up of the face, not the whole painting.

Incidentally, here is the source photograph. I deliberately chose a blurry one because I thought that no other artist would. Perhaps that very choice is why I thought the cat was lost.


Kathy said...

Your painting is intriguing and unique. There are many levels of meaning to it, which I find interesting. Seems just right for this cause.

Anonymous said...

Mark- Your ideas for your painting are spot on- this is EXACTLY the painting you were meant to do. I worked for quite a few years with abandoned animals- and they are indeed lost until they are found. Your painting says it all.
Really just beautiful.

-Don said...

LOVE IT! Kudos on a great job for a worthy project. I just read about Sheila's project in the Sept. 09 issue of Art Calendar. Too cool...


Mark Sheeky said...

It was a tricky image to copy but I'm reasonably happy with this. I'm starting to regret using cadmium lemon for the yellow poppies... I hope it dries in time!