Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing

The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing, Oil on panel, 236x336mm.

I've been scanning in a few recent pictures and this is one, a picture about time passing. I hope the picture hasn't influenced me too much because today I've been very tired! Despite a long sleep I've found it very hard to think of anything but rest and have been fighting fatigue all through the day of painting. Earlier in the week I spontaneously fell asleep during my afternoon break. This concerns me because I've been eating and resting well. Perhaps this is due to relaxation itself, an unusual state for my electric self.

Anyway, in other news I've just heard that my other painting "The Transmittance Of Pity Falsely Percieved As Love Through A One Way Mirror" has been accepted into the R.B.S.A. Prize exhibition, which I'm pleased about. I've now submitted four pictures to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and I've been lucky enough to have at least one chosen each time. The show runs from June the 3rd to the 26th, in the R.B.S.A. Gallery, near St. Paul's Church, Birmingham.


Kathy said...

Congratulations!! I'm happy to know that someone had the good sense to include your work in the exhibition. Earlier today I took a look at the body of work you have posted on your website. It's impressive!! The painting with this post is one of my favorites, although it's difficult to select a favorite. They're all brilliant and would make a terrific solo exhibition. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling tired. It seems like you suffered a long illness over the winter and it's taken the starch out of you. I hope your energy soon returns!

Jennifer Wadsworth said...

This post attracted my immediate attention. Your work makes me think, and the colors soothe. This image speaks ... in a language more powerful than words. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark on your recent acceptance!
I still love the snail in this painting- looks like you've added more tone since I first saw it. Very nice. The entire painting is of course beautiful.
Take care of yourself- and although it may be contrary to your personal belief system- a little rest is a good thing. :-)

Trevor Lingard said...

A Great piece Mark.
Congratulations on your successful entry.
Hope you get better soon.
I too have had a bad spell , but on the mends now.
I know how it feels.
Best Regards

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks everyone. I feel just fine. Actually I'm rather running out of paintings to paint. It's a good feeling.