Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Many vivid dreams last night. One involved an art project. An Indian artist was parachuting dummy parachutists across the country. By chance I saw that some were nearby and one drifted into me and I had no choice but to catch it. It was considered a valuable catch, and a crowd gathered round. The parachutist was a cardboard cutout but his clothing was new and good quality. I gave the gloves, one white and one black, to different people in the crowd. I was quite surprised to find myself with this prize and didn't feel bad about handing it out to the people in the crowd who clearly valued it more than I did. I put on the coat and walked away happy.

In another part of the dream I wanted to change a bank password I had with a new bank because the one they supplied was a list of numbers that I continued to type incorrectly. The woman at the bank seemed to find it funny that I asked for any random combination of letters, and she seemed surprised that I was given a random combination of numbers instead of something more coherent.

I left the bank with someone and we peered into a old run down chapel. The brickwork was red but it was very finely carved in the Victorian Gothic Revival style. The building was deserted it was very nice inside and I pointed out the quality of the architecture. This part of the dream relates to the Summer painting because it's arched shaped and I've been considering how to fashion arched corners in a Gothic style. The picture is for a competition held by the Tabernacle Gallery in Wales, a chapel that still has the pulpit and seating.


hwfarber said...

Very interesting dreams. If you can recall those random numbers, you might win the lottery.

John Salmon. said...

Mark. Did those dummy parachutists have upturned waxed moustaches? Were they wearing jewelled turbans and was the sky pink with golden clouds? And, were the gloves studded with precious stones? Yes. Oh! I've seen that one before.

Kathy said...

I'm impressed that you remember so much detail from your dreams. I don't remember much, but then, I've heard that the only way to remember a dream is to wake up in the midst of it. I suppose I sleep too soundly for that.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hallie, actually I think they were Premium Bond numbers!

John, no they didn't have upturned moustaches! That said I have dreamed of pink skies before... eep!

Hi Kathy, welcome back! Dreams can be remembered with practise, the last one before waking is the easiest. I find them useful. A few times I dreamed about things that I've painted, although I've not done the opposite yet... is this unsurrealism?