Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm feeling lonely and tired tonight. I like both feelings and they often lead to the start of a good artwork. I've got at least one nightly poem to write. I've managed one per day every day this year.

A mix of a day, it began by making frames, or at least cutting the wood which is the first main stage. One is assembled. Another is gluing overnight. Then I revarnished The Apocalypse Of Finance using a tiny soft brush almost like glazing a painting. This is currently my best way to varnish a large panel. Then I began drawing a mountain for a painting inspired by a friend who wanted something happy; NOT SKULLS was the request! Later I met up with Sue, and bought a present for my brother who lives in London. It was a tee shirt that I ink-blotted. I need more blank tee shirts! I'm "small" (which is the size that used to be called "medium") but they only ever seem to stock "medium" (was "large") and bigger. If I was actually small (XS?) I'd be really stuck.

All throughout the day I've been mentally pronouncing synecdoche, after being introduced to the word two days ago when I watched the film Synecdoche, New York. It was a good film (with an awful title), although the end was rather bleak and could have done with some emergency humour. Syn-Eck-Doh-Key.

Enough rambling for now!

Art news; the Cubby Hole is holding their next exhibition on July the 2nd, it's by Liz McDonough. I've accepted an invitation to exhibit at the Lloyd Gill Gallery in Weston-Super-Mare. It's a small and relatively new venue but has a good reputation, and the show about dream imagery should suit my work perfectly.

My immediate goals are to finish Remembering Summer once and for all, enter The Apocalypse Of Finance into the Wrexham Open, enquire about the Art Support summer competition, paint the mountain/rainbow picture, and begin a large one. Now for that poem...

Goodnight everyone.


Andrew Williams said...

The T-shirt sizing sounds like a saddening reminder of how everyone is supposedly getting fatter. Perhaps there is no obesity crisis - it's just the T-shirt manufacturers making it look like there is!

When I first saw that mountain, I thought it was a rendering by Terragen. You actually *painted* that? I might have to take you on holiday with me instead of a camera...!

Mark Sheeky said...

It is a render. I think in future I'll try to make it more clear what each blog-post image is.

Kathy said...

The best cure for loneliness, when I feel it, is to go to the studio and work. It seems that you do the same. Once I'm in the studio and surrounded by the products of my imagination and the materials for a new creation, then I feel like I'm in good company. It's a most satisfying feeling. I'm always happy to learn that your work is requested and/or accepted in so many venues. I'm a fan!

Mark Sheeky said...

When I feel lonely I like to play some notes on the piano. I've noticed I'm doing it less these days, this year. Partly because that corner of the room is getting cluttered!