Friday, June 11, 2010

Self Portrait As Dream

Here's a close up from Self Portrait As Dream, which I glazed today. Both of these pictures are as smooth as a Raphael or a Leonor Fini, proving that more than two layers are not necessary on a painting unless you really need a special effect of some sort. The dark blob behind the eye is an artifact created by my camera.

Alas, I didn't make it into The Threadneedle Prize final, but I'm sure I will when I am ready. My next drop off is for The Tabernacle Competition held by the Museum of Modern art in Wales, actually a converted chapel in the pretty town of Machynlleth (pron. Mc Conkleth). I'm cutting the frame for that one tomorrow.

I've got a few hours of today and want to construct a special painting that involves a rainbow, several birds, an angel, an exploding mountain and two feathers from a peacock.


Kathy said...

Your painting is brilliant! You've definitely mastered technique. I'm sorry to hear about the prize, but am certain you'll receive it one day in the future. As for the elements in your next painting, I'm intrigued. You create the most interesting metamophors.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Kathy. I'm pleased with this pair and it's left me re-thinking of something interesting to paint. A good source image makes painting easy but I keep wanting to realistically paint the unphotographable.