Friday, July 02, 2010

Busy Day

A busy day today. I dropped off the painted at the Grosvenor and now await the decision of the board. After that I went to Wrexham to collect The Apocalypse Of Finance that failed the audition for the Wrexham Open. I can't imagine why really, but second guessing judges is an impossible task. Perhaps the nudity concerned them more than any artistic failings. I'm sure though that I can spot more flaws in my paintings than any judge.

I met Ray Perez and Diane in Wrexham and they drove me home. I know Ray from my art group, and he and I are having a joint exhibition in November. The picture shows the current poster idea; Ray's chair and abstracted car parts with my Flower of Awe.

Soon I'm going to the art preview at The Cubby Hole, a local shop where I've exhibited with success. This month's artist is Lix McDonough. I wonder what her art is like.

After that I'm going to a night of Zulu drumming! I'll take ear plugs. I like to look after my hearing.

I hope your day has been as full as mine.

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