Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gethsemane Continues

More work on the underpainting today and yesterday. I'm learning more on how to work on larger paintings, still something of a rarity for me. I keep wanting to add details which are too fine to be relevant at this scale, and I'm finding it tricky to copy when the screen is behind the painting, making it impossible to see the source image and the painting at the same time (I need to shuffle left and peer around the edge!). This is probably a classic problem for painters. I wonder if this causes visual memory to improve? Or whether the old masters referred more to sketches and studies while painting? Or looked side on at their model? I've managed adequately here, partly because it's not a complex self-portrait and was underdrawn accurately.

Now some exhibition notes. Yesterday I attended the preview for the Bickerton Exhibition in Bickerton Village Hall. I have four paintings on show of the record 381 on display for the next week. If you live in Cheshire and want a trip to the prettiest bit of countryside around it's £1.50 to get in.

Tonight The Oneric Image exhibition opens in Weston-Super-Mare. I'm quite exctied by this, a rare specialist surrealism exhibition held by the Lloyd Gill Gallery. The exhibition continues until the 27th of August and features five recent paintings, most of which haven't been exhibited before.


conor cleary, artiste said...

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-Don said...

This is looking wonderful, Mark. I'm excited to see how it's coming along. I run into the same issues when I paint large. What I've started doing is, instead of working just from my screen, I get a regular sized printout of the image which I end up holding in my left hand as I paint with my right. I'm still looking at my screen periodically, but having that small printout really helps.

Congrats and good luck on your two shows. I wish I was able to come see you work in person.


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for that tip Don. For drawing I've started to angle my easel so the screen is to my left instead of in front of me, but I'm not sure if it's better that way.

Kathy said...

Mark - sorry that I've missed that chance to keep up with your posts! This painting is amazing and I'm glad to learn that you're working on a larger scale. When I work on very large canvases I mostly do it from memory without visual reference. However, when I need to refer to the actual objects, I'll step away from the canvas and study the objects for a long time. Then, I'll return and paint from memory.
Congratulations on your shows!!!

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Kathy, nice to hear from you. That's an impressive technique! I wonder if and how your paintings vary in detail level at different scales.

I'm painting this one quite quickly despite the size which at first worried me. I think the fact that I'm using a model as more of a lighting guide, no texture, is the reason... a detailed accurate copy is not what I'm after.