Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Munchausen Dream

I've been busy painting over the last few days and have completed "The Elements" (detail shown).

I had some fantastic dreams last night that began with Baron Munchausen, whose disparate but living body parts gradually pulled themselves together before forming the man himself on horseback. With a lance, and at least on companion he charged and fought a pile of armoured badgers armed with crossbows, eventually defeating them. One badger guard had a square shield with a door in, and was played by Ian Holm. The Baron entered the castle to speak to the king of the pigs, a large pig himself who spoke English. The Baron wanted permission to eat pork, which the pig initially resisted giving, but knowing he was defeated grudgingly agreed. At some point later the wife of Harry Buttle in the film Brazil wanted to know what the evil forces had done "with his body", mirroring the line she had in the film. The Munchausen programme had deliberately used the same actress.

At that point, in the dream, I stopped watching The Adventures of Baron Munchausen on BBC4, a four part TV series that predated the Terry Gilliam film that I thought was much better (looks like I got my dates wrong because I'm sure the film pre-dated even the channel BBC4). I wanted to eat some bacon and beans, but was thwarted, and had to make do with half tomatoes and half beans with some brown toast. Then I was called upstairs and to a skylight to look at the night sky. Rays of light were flying overhead, and soon comets then flaming meteors the size of golf-balls (complete with golf company branding) began to hit the house. We were under attack from alien forces. The child-like aliens landed and began chasing me and the other in the house. This was very frightening and I fled, though back gardens, trying to evade capture, including crawling over a table laid out for a wedding reception the next day (some nice cakes and foodstuffs were on display). Eventually I found a deserted areas of deep grass and huge trees, not unlike the area in Machynlleth I visited last Thursday. Three hill walkers were there walking through the deep grass. I became concerned that the aliens could track me, so I became extra careful about covering my tracks. I awoke, confident that I had evaded the aliens.

Much of the imagery was vivid and fantastic. I can remember clearly the title sequence to the Munchausen programme (which in the dream was a repeat shown on ITV4, the original was shown in the 1970s - in the dream that is) with credits similar to those in the 1978 Superman film and BBC Arena. The scene where the Baron charged the badger warriors in full armour was particularly amazing and would warrant a painting in itself.

There are lots of routes to why this dream happened, but any analysis would take an essay.

I'm working well and will now write a theme tune for The Floobs Episode 2: The Chest. All of the sound for this 10 minute epic of a film must be completed within four hours of this blog post!

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