Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abandoning Someone Who Was A Friend To Me When I Had None

Here is my latest painting to be scanned, Abandoning Someone Who Was A Friend To Me When I Had None. The scanning process was arduous and involved 15 A4 scans that needed assembling. This big painting has an image of nearly 10,000 pixels square!

The picture depicts the end of a relationship (based on fact but romanticised, not real!) and uses colour to convey abandonment. I applied rules inspired by psychology to reflect the current and real in strong chromanance, and the distant and vague in greys. Similar tricks are used in mental visualisation processes to reinforce positive thoughts and dissipate negative ones.

It's 80x80cm, oil on canvas and took over a year from concept to finish! There were about 15 full days work involved, necessarily spread over that time.

The acrylic canvas was a pleasure to paint on but a pain to prepare. I'm going to try some "Top Gun" polyester canvas next (year), which is less heavy and more slick.


-Don said...

Nice job, Mark. This is another of yours that I would love to see in person. The small image gives me a taste, but I know there's a smorgasbord laid out here that I'm missing out on.

Do you use a flatbed scanner? I'm not sure what an A4 scan is.


Kathy said...

Genius!! I immediately understood the subject matter and color strategy before reading your description. Your intention was perfectly executed and would, in my opinion, hang well next to a Dali or any other surrealist held in high regard. I've always been attracted to your work because of the unusual content and masterful execution. One day (soon, I hope) your work will get the recognition it deserves. Keep painting!

Mark Sheeky said...

Wow thanks so much Kathy (blush)! Yes, a flatbed scanner Don. A4 is a standard paper size 210x297mm.