Thursday, November 04, 2010


A busy day today. In the morning I had a video interview about the Grosvenor acquisition for, a news website run by John Moore's University in Liverpool. I suggested it be held at the Cubby Hole because my exhibition was up there, and so it was, and the brilliant interviewer Louise Parker showed great interest in my work and the story.

It was the last day of the show there so after that I took down the exhibition with a little help from my friends, and shipped the work home and spent some time putting it away.

Then I measured and cut some wood for the Gethsemane frame which I'll make tomorrow, and put together a package of artwork and promotional material for my computer games Taskforce and Gunstorm II, soon to be available on Impulse. I like Taskforce a lot and there are lots of in-jokes, a good plot and generally good ideas in there but it's not been a popular game. Its lack of success lead directly to my interest in art. Ironically, my games now thanks to Stardock have been more successful, and I await to see how the game does now that I've polished it up a bit. Taskforce and Flatspace II are, to date, my greatest achievements as a game developer.

After that I archived the vocal recordings Steven McLachlan made for my songs because I needed the CD case for some
Sibelius CD's
that arrived today (grr, in cardboard sleeves, I want a CD case please. I'd happily pay a few quid more for a plastic box - although I know that I'm in a minority and that most people want cheap cheap things instead of paying for quality).

After that I went out to the Lyceum to cover a painting that was too lewd for the sensitive eyes of the local denizens, and at the same time bought some tools specifically for exhibition hanging in future. Now it's blog time. Each day is going to be a rush for quite some time.

I've got another art opening to attend tomorrow, but this time it's not for me but a new artist exhibiting at the Cubby. I wonder what the art will be like?


Kathy said...

Whew! I'm worn out just by reading about all your activities!! Will the interview be posted so I can see it? I'm thrilled to know that your work is getting so much recognition, which it deserves.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Kathy, yes it will... within a week I think!

Andrew Williams said...

I too value the plastic box. Cheap is nice, but I want quality!

Mary Paquet said...

Mark, your versatility is awesome - game developer, musician, visual artist, television personality. What next?

Your hanging at the Lyceum looks wonderful. Best of luck with all your ventures.

Robin said...

It's amazing to me, that you can do all the things you do, and still know what day it is! Will you be holding a formal opening reception for the art exhibit at the Cubby Hole? Did you get publicity for that during the interview?

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Robin, we decided not to have an opening at the Lyceum (the new exhibition; the Cubby Hole one ended on that day). On balance I prefer to have them but it is extra work and it came rather soon after the Cubby to be sure of drumming up attendees.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.