Sunday, November 07, 2010

The First Alien Christmas

Here is the first glimpse of my Christmas card painting. It's taking a long time. Those cloth folds and facial features would take a while irrespective of scale (in actuality the faces are about 15mm across). I expect this 23x33cm underpainting to take about three days.

The violet base is acrylic, which I had to apply in this case because I don't have enough time for an oil imprimatura. The strong mid-tone is an accidental first for me but it worked well. The surface was rather more slick than it should be but it was okay. It's watered down liquid Dioxazine and was done a few days before painting began.

Only earth oil colours have been used; the blues are cobalts, with the sky being mars violet based. Don't pay much attention to the odd sizes... the photograph perspective is strong and irrational.

The first half of the month will be busy and full of painting as I complete this, then the large triangular Escape painting. I aim to have both complete before the 15th.

At some point I want to start approaching galleries. I'm thinking that A C.V., examples of work as photographs and artists statement sent through the post would be a good starting point. Not sure whether to follow up with a phone call or not, or whether to phone or email first. Can anyone who has done this offer advice?

Emailed images would be a no I think. A photo in the hand is worth two on the screen.


Kathy said...

Great start to your card! Is there a working theme or title? As for approaching galleries, I only have experience in the USA. Here, it's considered proper form to contact the gallery first to see if they're accepting portfolios for review. (Of course, before doing that, it's expected that the artist has visited various galleries to see if his/her work is suitable for that venue). If the gallery indicates that it will accept your cv/portfolio, then submit it and follow up with a phone call or scheduled interview two weeks later. If they're not ready to discuss it with you at that time, then politely ask when they'd like you to contact them again. Then, schedule a time to pick up your portfolio if necessary. Things might be different in the UK, however.

Robin said...

have you ever considered submitting your work to George Lucas or Steven Speilberg? :)

Mark Sheeky said...

The title is Alien Christmas. The idea just popped into my head, which is the best reason to paint anything. Thanks very much for the advice. I'll follow it. I'll always learn as I go anyway. The hard part is finding galleries that stock work like mine. In fact I've located lots of galleries, but none that show anything like my art. I'll keep looking.

Robin; I'll treat that question as rhetorical :)