Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'll be working on music and sound effect this week. I should be able to fit some art in too and I hope to prepare a few paintings. I'll not go to my art group tomorrow becuase it looks like it'll be raining everywhere. For some reason it always rains on Wednesdays (probably traffic patterns).

In the mean time, here are some limericks from a few years ago and recently revisited!

I like eating bacon with jelly.
I eat it in front of the telly.
Lime's the best flavour,
though orange is braver
'cos that makes my frying pan smelly.


Old uncle McGill was a thief
when he worked in a sweet shop in Neath,
for he once stole a clutch
but he couldn't eat much
because sadly he didn't have teeth.


Kathy said...

Fun limericks! You always have so many projects in the works that it's difficult to keep up. However, I love learning about all that you do.

Andrew Williams said...

One day a surrealist called Mark
Decided to paint in the dark.
"That's absurd!" I then cried.
"Oh, I know," he replied,
"I just thought it a bit of a lark."

Mark Sheeky said...

"Wow cool!" I remarked as I read,
and the words bounced about in my head.
I wish each reply
was in rhyme like that guy,
but if not, then just write prose instead.

Andrew Williams said...

When faced with the prospect of rhyme,
I felt that I didn't have time.
But to rush out a verse
Would be even worse
Than mixing your cola with lime.

"Good heavens!" cried Mrs McGee.
"That's the worse thing I ever did see!
The programme at four
Was so morally poor
I didn't switch on the TV!"

John Salmon. said...

Enough of this sad idle chatter,
Lets talk about things that do matter.
Bacon and jelly,
Whilst watching the telly?
No Sir! cause you'd be a lot fatter.

Mark Sheeky said...

I state...
I say
a day