Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Invisible Woman

Busy days on Friday and Saturday, transferring the drawing for a large painting called The Invisible Woman to canvas. I used oil paint on the tracing paper and it worked well. After trying a few colours I chose raw umber and white, and found that even very thinly spread paint worked, well, in fact that tended to work better. It was hard work though, taking about 6 hours on Saturday. The paint dries of course so it had to be done in one day, but that'll be good for discipline. The fact that I have to do it in one day will make it conversely easier to get more done then! Sometimes harder work is better for productivity.

I aim to underpaint this work before the end of next month, and at least prepare for the other big one, the quest for pity seen a few posts below. These two are to be aperitifs, my two biggest paintings to prepare the way for a third, about schizophrenia which I've wanted to do for a long time.

Until now I've delayed starting that but now it's time to reimpose will. The key factor for success and attainment is discipline, over emotions, overpowering wants with logic.

Tick tick! Time is short. I'd like to get some music done too, before the summer sun hearalds a full time painting. My target is two albums; one of songs and one of general symphonic music. It made me ask is pop music sees as less artistic than msuic without words?


Andrew Williams said...

I am looking forward to seeing The Invisible Woman.


Carolyn Abrams said...

Love this composition Mark. Can't wait to see her completed!

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Carolyn, that's only a small section. It's not easy to make out what it'll look like when finished from the drawing because some areas will be blended into others.

-Don said...

Now, that's how you draw a leg, ankle and foot! I gazed for quite a while in awe of how great a job you've done with it - as well as all the other elements. Now I can't wait to see the rest of the composition. Have fun!