Friday, April 01, 2011


A busy day today; Quarterly backups on the computer. Laying out and ordering the prints for the Nantwich Arts Festival sign. Buying some new shoes, looking for cycling glasses, investigating frame prices, and costs of acrylic plastic (it was rather bendy at 2mm, I might end up ordering some cast 4mm acrylic sheeting online), checking the train times for the pickup from the RBSA tomorrow, finishing some sound effects, marking out a new painting idea (just setting the size really), printing one test business card for a local garage, staining the Annunciation frame, seeking the foamboard I had but have apparently now lost, a quick visit to the bank and filling in a copyright waiver so that my museum painting can be catalogued, oh and I popped into The Cubby Hole for a brief rest and a chat. Oh, and setting monthly goals and analysing the results of March. And making a list of people to inform should I move house.

Tomorrow's jobs are fewer, but time consuming travelling; to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to enter the 2011 open, then to the RBSA in Birmingham to collect Genesis of Terror.

Primary goals for April are to complete the Lyceum Theatre project, the Tickt to Crewe project, paint a portrait for Marbury Churh, underpaint The Invisible Woman, and make my bit of the Nantwich Arts Festival sign. Phew!

So, things to ask myself...

Is cast acrylic sheeting better than extruded for painting on?
Where can I get cheap yellow visor-type cycling glasses?
How much more could I get done if I had a clone or two? :)

Two areas of research I've read online interested me; that smile frequency was proportional to life-span and relationship stability (easy when you think about it) and that heavy exercise extends life span, not reduces it. Keep busy friends - and keep smiling :)


John Salmon. said...

If the glasses are just for keeping bugs and dust out of your eyes whilst cycling, may I suggest a visit to you local B and Q? I bought some excellent DeWalt safety specs with a semi mirrored coating. I think I saw yellow when there last and also a darker tint for sunlight protection. They are polycarbonate, comfortable and good value. They also look rather sporty and macho if I may say so. Just have to keep fighting the girls off. ;)

John Salmon. said...

Google this

"DeWalt DPG54-4D Protector Amber L/e Glasses"

may be just what you want at only £5.39. Bargain.

Mark Sheeky said...

Cool thanks John. I went to eBay and had a look at safety specs. Lots to choose from and cheap too!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Mark, about the clone thing- I thought for sure you already had 5 of 6 of them at least. you get more done than any 10 other people I know! Do you even sleep?