Monday, July 18, 2011


I skipped Magritte, postponed for the future. My brother was visiting from London and he didn't really want to go, and I didn't really either. He's written an essay about the need for a synthesizer orchestra which was compelling. I'm sure he'll put it online sooner or later. His website by the way is

I had a busy Sunday. First I updated my website, adding year-by-year tags to each page, making old paintings and poems easier to find and locate. Then I located newspapers in Macclesfield and sent of a press release about my forthcoming exhibition, then painting the drapery on my Lyceum painting and a new dark floor on it (problematical; mars black and naples yellow dries quickly and often looks ugly). Then I completed the design and modelling for a new painting, and thought up and painted a complete painting, a Bee Flower, which I'll post in detail here when it's dry (there is a small photo of it on my Facebook page).

The design and painting took five hours and while doing it listened to Brian's Gothic Symphony, an epic work that required two symphony orchestras, four brass bands and nine choirs, over 800 singers and 1000 performers! It was epic and quite wonderful, bigger even than Mahler's Eighth. It's only been performed nine times despite being about a century old, understandably.

I also wrote a theological philosophical note, here.

Now, I must resist this rambling warble and get creating. I've decided to throw away everything that is half complete. Neaten things, then make new plans and get going. perhaps I can paint my huge quantity of artworks in record time after all! I'll start planning two paintings tonight. I wonder if all artists move in frenetic spurts?

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