Friday, December 23, 2011

Islands Of Memory

It's Friday and my latest music video upload is Islands of Memory. It was made in a similar way to the Challenger video (which is also on that channel), so it essentially uses short animations or stills I made separately and then layered in time to the music using AviSynth and some software to calculate the right frame to use.

This is a simpler tune and a simpler video that seems to more closely match the sort of shapes that the music evokes. The album is called Synaesthesia and was released in about 2002, although I wrote and recorded a first version a few years earlier using my Yamaha SY-85 synthesizer, MIDI cables and a tracker called OctaMED. This is the later purely software version (Noise Station 1 for that album).

I hope you enjoy the video. Please share the link if you do.


John Salmon said...

Brilliant Mark. I also caught AI and Another Way to Give Me a Heart Attack. Both very, very good indeed.

I hope you are going to rest over the Christmas break.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks John. Rest... well I'll not run about too much.

I think Christmas works best when you treat it like any other time of the year. This year the family visits part is over for me, so I might just carry on as normal for the most part, but prolong any present opening for as long as possible. The nicest bit is the new year and new start, I think.

You seem to have had a bad few months. I hope that for you, the new start has already begun, even if you don't realise it yet. Have a good Christmas John.