Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today has been relatively ordinary compared to some of yesterday's mad thoughts. I've been putting some finishing touches to a painting called The Art of Painting, created for an art competition. I'm still not sure if I want to enter it, but I must hurry if so because the final deadline is Friday so I'll need to photograph it tomorrow. The picture is among my most complicated compositions and painted with all due preparation. In fact I made many studies for this so in some ways it is my "Potato Eaters", a first attempt at a full picture as van Gogh's was, even though I still mainly painted it to learn from and would only show it to the world if it happened to work as planned (it has for the most part). I'll call myself graduated next month because it will be two years since I bought a cheap painting set and had a go. Most of my paintings so far have either copies, entries for competitions or a test of some technique, although a few like Rhino were intended as artworks.

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